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Hong Kong-made air purifier says it kills 80% of crown poison in 10 minutes

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The epidemic has made the whole city concerned about cleanliness and hygiene, and so has local start-ups. The technology park incubation company "Aurabeat Technology" has developed a silver ion coating formula for air purifier filter elements in a month and a half. Combining ultraviolet and plasma air disinfection technology, it claims that it can kill more than 10 minutes in 10 minutes. Eighty percent of coronaviruses infect human respiratory cells. The pre-orders of the first batch of air purifiers using the above technologies have been fully booked in March, and the second batch of spot products will be available online and in stores at the end of this month.

Many air purifiers in the market are equipped with technologies such as sterilization and virus blocking, but they may not be effective in killing the virus. When the filter element needs to be replaced, it may re-release the virus and cause a second infection.

One and a half months to develop silver ion coating formula

Aurabeat’s recently launched "AG+ Dual Ion Disinfecting Air Purifier" has 5 filter layers, including primary filter, silver ion air filter, nano mineral filter, ultraviolet sterilization layer and plasma disinfection layer. Situ Jiannan, former research assistant professor at HKUST and technical director of Aurabeat, said that the silver ion air filter coating was developed by the company team. The coating is different from ordinary bleach or alcohol and is low-consumption. The catalytic principle degrades viruses, destroys viral RNA and inhibits virus replication. It can be used for 1.5 years before replacement. The coating technology has also been patented.

Situ Jiannan said that the product has been tested by a biochemical laboratory in the United States with a coronavirus that can infect human respiratory cells and found that it can eliminate more than 80% of the virus in the air within 10 minutes. As for whether it is equally effective against the "new crown virus", he said that the current global pandemic of the new crown virus cannot be used directly for testing, but he believes that the virus used in the test is sufficiently representative.

Effective range is about 500 square feet

The air purifier has an effective range of about 500 square feet and is suitable for general homes, offices, classrooms, etc. Situ Jiannan said that it has been ordered by clinics and medical institutions, and the coating can also be applied to air-conditioning filters.

Earlier, the government's public organization trial program specially called for anti-epidemic projects. Situ Jiannan said that he also applied for technology to provide government buildings and offices with air purification equipment to fight the epidemic.