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Hong Kong start-up technology company develops dual-ion air purifier to eliminate 80% of viruses in 10 minutes

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The new invention uses a patented technology based on silver ion air filtration, which can effectively eliminate viruses in the air, including coronaviruses, and greatly reduce the risk of common secondary infections that are re-released when the filter element is replaced after the virus adheres to the internal filter. The new invention was tested by an ISO-certified authoritative biochemical laboratory in the United States with human coronaviruses, which proved that it can eliminate more than 80% of the viruses in the air within 10 minutes. The scientific research team said that it is expected to eliminate 96% or more of the crown poison in the air within half an hour.

In addition, the effective range of the product is 50 square meters (538 square feet), which is enough to provide comprehensive time-saving and labor-saving protection for general homes and offices. The product can also reduce the secondary infection caused by the virus living in the purifier, and the machine can also be disinfected for a long time to prevent the re-release of the crown virus. The team also hopes to promote it to medical institutions.

Dr. Situ Jiannan, who led the team, explained that the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong very early, and he wanted to use his own scientific research knowledge to help Hong Kong people fight the epidemic. The product has intelligent prompts. After 2000 hours of use, it can check whether the filter element is still white, and use an accurate sensor to monitor the indoor air pollution level and adjust the air volume. When designing the product, while maintaining the quality, the production cost is also minimized to the public's affordable price, and the research and development results are sold at a preferential price for anti-epidemic. We hope to advance and retreat together with the people of Hong Kong.