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[New Coronary Pneumonia] Hong Kong Startup Research Air Purifier Kills 80% of Coronavirus in 10 Minutes

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The new crown pneumonia epidemic has broken out globally, and everyone is concerned about how to kill the virus. A local startup company stated that it has successfully developed a disinfecting air purifier that effectively eliminates the coronavirus in the air by combining silver ion, ultraviolet and plasma triple air disinfection technology in an original way, which can prevent the virus from spreading indoors.

The product was developed by Aurabeat Technology Limited, a Hong Kong start-up technology and enterprise team. According to Dr. Situ Jiannan, who led the research, it is different from air purifiers that lack disinfection functions in the market. The team developed "Aurabeat AG+ "Double ion disinfection air purifier" combines silver ion, ultraviolet and plasma triple air disinfection technology with an original method to eliminate crown poison and other bacteria.

He said that the new invention has been tested by an ISO-certified authoritative biochemical laboratory in the United States with human coronaviruses and confirmed that it has a superior disinfection rate and can eliminate more than 80% of the viruses in the air within 10 minutes, which requires at least several hours. The air purifiers that can achieve the same effect are more efficient. According to calculations, it is estimated that 96% or more of the coronavirus in the air can be eliminated within half an hour, effectively preventing the spread of air droplets. 

Long -lasting disinfection and anti-virus release in the machine Earlier, a Hong Kong University study stated that the new crown virus can survive on the surface of the mask for 7 days. In the past, when replacing the filter element of the air purifier or moving the purifier, the virus accumulated on the surface of the filter element was very high. It is easy to rise due to vibration and re-enter the air. Generally, householders can easily be infected again when they are unprepared. Medical workers also need to use full protective clothing of higher specifications than those who come into contact with infectious diseases to change hospitals. The filter element of the ventilation system.

Situ Jiannan said that the air purifier newly developed by his team can eliminate the corona virus and bacteria in the air, and it can also disinfect the machine for a long time to prevent the re-release of the virus. In addition to being suitable for home and office anti-epidemic applications, the new product hopes to be promoted to medical institutions to provide a safer working environment for medical workers. He continued that the pre-orders for the first batch of products were full last month, and the second batch of spot products will be available online and in various major cities at the end of this month.