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[New Coronary Pneumonia] Start-ups develop air purifiers, claim to kill more than 80% of coronavirus in 10 minutes

[Original in Mandarin] 


In response to the epidemic, local company Yaxian Technology Co., Ltd. developed the "Aurabeat AG+ Dual Ion Disinfecting Air Purifier" to prevent the spread of viruses in the space environment. The new product is different from other air purifiers that lack disinfection functions in the market. It uses a patented technology based on silver ion air filtration, which can effectively block bacteria and viruses on the filter element and quickly and directly eliminate them. The silver ion coating formula has been patented.

Situ Jiannan, former research assistant professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Aurabeat technical director, pointed out that the product has passed the human coronavirus test by an ISO-certified authoritative biochemical laboratory in the United States, and it can eliminate more than 80% of the virus in the air within 10 minutes. The scientific research team calculated that 96% or more of the coronavirus in the air could be eliminated in half an hour. As for whether the "new coronavirus" can be effectively eliminated, he said that it is currently a global pandemic of the new coronavirus, so it cannot be directly used for testing, but the new coronavirus and other human coronaviruses are similar viruses.