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Aurabeat AG+ double ion disinfection air purifier: compound multiple purification technologies to eliminate human coronavirus

Aurabeat Technology Limited, a Hong Kong start-up technology and enterprise team, has successfully developed the "Aurabeat AG+ dual-ion disinfecting air purifier" that effectively eliminates the coronavirus in the air to prevent the virus from spreading in the indoor environment. Pre-orders for the first batch of products quickly reached full volume in March, and the second batch of spot products will be available online and in major major markets at the end of April.

Different from the air purifier that lacks disinfection function in the market, the new invention uses the patented technology of silver ion air filtration, which can effectively eliminate viruses in the air, including the coronavirus, and greatly reduce the adhesion of the virus to the internal filter after replacement A common risk of secondary infection when the filter element is re-released. In addition to the invention that can be used in the home and office to fight the epidemic, the team also hopes to promote the new invention to medical institutions to provide protection for medical care.

Effectively eradicate human coronavirus

"Aurabeat AG+ Dual Ion Disinfecting Air Purifier" combines silver ion, ultraviolet and plasma triple air disinfection technology, which can eliminate coronavirus and other bacteria. The new invention has passed the ISO-certified authoritative biochemical laboratory in the United States to treat human coronavirus. Tests have shown that it has a superior disinfection rate and can eliminate more than 80% of viruses in the air in just 10 minutes. It is more efficient than an air purifier that takes at least several hours to achieve the same effect. The scientific research team said that according to their calculations, it is estimated that 96% or more of the coronavirus in the air can be eliminated within half an hour, effectively preventing the spread of air droplets. In addition, the effective range of the product is 50 square meters (538 square feet), which is enough to provide comprehensive time-saving and labor-saving protection for general homes and offices to fight the epidemic.

"Aurabeat AG+ Dual Ion Disinfecting Air Purifier" can also reduce the secondary infection caused by the virus living in the purifier. Earlier, the University of Hong Kong research stated that the new crown virus can survive on the surface of the mask for 7 days. In the past, when replacing the filter element of the air purifier or moving the purifier, the virus accumulated on the surface of the filter element can easily rise due to vibration and enter the air Generally, householders are prone to secondary infections when they are unprepared, and medical workers also need to replace the filter elements of hospital ventilation systems with full protective clothing of higher specifications than those in contact with infectious diseases. "Aurabeat AG+ Dual Ion Disinfecting Air Purifier" can not only eliminate the crown poison and bacteria in the air, it can also disinfect the machine for a long time to prevent the crown poison from being released again. Therefore, the team also hopes that the results of this scientific research can be promoted to medical institutions, provide a safer working environment for medical workers, reduce the burden of medical care, and even become the standard for purifiers in the medical industry.

Safe and easy to operate

When explaining the design concept and the original intention of the team, Dr. Situ Jiannan said that the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong very early, and they wanted to use their own scientific research knowledge to help Hong Kong people fight the epidemic and put public health as the primary consideration. It also takes into account the policies of safety, convenient operation and civilian prices. For example, the product has an intelligent reminder. After 2000 hours of use, it can check whether the filter element is still white, and use an accurate sensor to monitor the indoor air pollution level and adjust the air volume. When designing the product, while maintaining the quality, the production cost is also minimized to the public's affordable price. The research and development results are sold at a preferential price for anti-epidemics. We hope to advance and retreat together with the people of Hong Kong.